It is our pleasure to recommend the Senior Class Adult Day Services program.
Our family feels fortunate to find a program that fills so many of my husband’s needs.  These needs range from OT, PT, nursing, transportation, entertainment, and so much more only to be topped by a delicious lunch.
Our family feels relieved to know Dad has the opportunity for stimulation and camaraderie provided by a very caring staff.

- The Family of Norman (Lefty) Cote

I am extremely satisfied with the loving care my husband receives at Senior Class Adult Day Services.  Bill attends 3 days a week giving me peace of mind and allows me as a caregiver to have time for myself.  Bill is picked up in the morning by patient caring people who are always on time.  Another positive aspect is the flexibility you have on pickups and drop offs.   Linda goes out of her way to help me whenever there is a variation on our schedule. 

I recommend Senior Class Adult Day Services at all my Alzheimer's Group meetings. Thank you Linda.
- Noni Perry

Senior Class Adult Day Services has been amazing!  When we first began planning for Ceil to attend adult day services, our family was skeptical and nervous of how she would react.  We also did not know how we felt about it.  To our pleasant surprise, there was barely a period of transition.  The staff at Senior Class made Ceil feel so welcomed and special that she quickly became part of the culture there and she now has lots of friends and looks forward to going five days per week. 

Over one year later, it is clear that Monday through Friday, Ceil has a wonderful day filled with activity and laughs.  She is picked up in the morning by the dependable transportation services and delivered safely back home at the end of the day.  She enjoys the wonderful aromas of home cooking that fill the building and we know that she is eating quality meals each day.  Ceil is made to feel proud of her accomplishments and treated with dignity by very caring staff members.

Senior Class has not only improved the quality of life that Ceil has, it has improved the lives of her family members as well.  We are able to manage our lives better knowing that she is in good hands.

- The Family of Cecile ("Ceil") McKinney

My name is Lauri and I'm a 45 year old single mom raising two teenagers and running a business. 9 months ago my 81 year old dad moved in with me because of the onset of dementia. He is slightly beyond living in an assisted living facility and there was no way he is ready for a nursing home. I found Senior Class and it has been a life saver and life changer for me and my family. Every day my dad goes to Senior Class he is picked up  and helped at the door by one of the senior class staff members and dropped off and helped to the door when he returns home. Knowing that my father is being well taken care of during the day and is being mentally and physically stimulated as well has put me at ease while I continue to run my business, family,and household......The variety of home cooked meals he receives everyday are fresh and delicious and the physical and mental games they play are stimulating and entertaining. My father is also able to receive a variety of extra services such as showers toe nail cutting (from a podiatrist) and even haircuts. All that Senior Class has been able to offer my father and my self has made taking care of my dad so much easier and has improved the quality of both his and my families lives.

Don't try to do it alone. There is help and Senior Class has not only been that help for me but have become part of our family.

 - Lauri Sousa

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