Our family owned center offers unparalleled assistance to the participant’s special needs, but more importantly recognizes the uniqueness of each elder. Beyond helping with the daily tasks of living, the staff at Senior Class Adult Day seeks to share in the richness of the senior's personal life. It is our recognition of what the elder can contribute to the life of the Center that makes the elder, his or her family, and the Senior Class staff treasure the elder's presence. We truly love our clients.
Medical Services
Our Medical Director is Dr. Albert Northcutt of Londonderry Family Practice with offices in Derry, Londonderry, and Windham. Our Center staff includes Registered and Licensed Nurses to administer prescribed medications, monitor health status, provide educational programs, manage day-to-day health needs, and attend to emergencies. Our Center holds a Laboratory license and we work with LabCorp of Windham, NH; our nurses can draw blood samples at Senior Class Adult Day thus saving members and care givers time consuming trips to lab or medical facilities. Podiatry services are available at the Center negating the need for caregivers to make appointments that interrupt their schedules. We provide all personal care requirements including roll or walk in shower service, shaving, and incontinence management.

Rehab 365

With a focus on care coordination and reducing hospital re-admissions, Rehab 365 offers outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services specializing in the care of people 65 and older.

Patient’s can be evaluated and treated on site at Senior Class which is a tremendous convenience for the patient and their loved ones.  Rehab 365 also offers in-home services to members of Senior Class.

Caregiver Support
Periodically, Senior Class Adult Day will offer seminars and presentations by experts in Alzheimer’s and other medical conditions, future planning and assistive technology. Support workshops provide an opportunity for caregivers to obtain peer advice for the unique problems of caring for the elderly. We also connect caregivers with professionals to assist in applying for veterans benefits, Medicaid and Medicare, grants, long-term care insurance benefits, and in locating specialized equipment.

Therapy Services
Our Center provides a therapy room for use by physical and occupational therapists and our participants. We have arrangements with Great Bay In-Home Therapy to perform routine therapy services at our Center. Participants may use their own professionals at our Center.

Beauty and Spa
Our Beauty Spa allows participants to revitalize with on-site hair care. Our Center has a complete hairdressing station equipped to provide shampoos, permanents, and haircutting. You can have your own hairdresser come to the Center or we will provide a reliable hairdresser.

Pet Therapy
One of our most valuable volunteers is Keeper, our Center Golden Retriever who provides comfort and affection to participants.
View more photos of Keeper - click here

For more information on services, please e-mail Linda Steir, call 603-329-4401, or be sure to inquire about the programs in a comprehensive tour of our facilities.
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