Inclement Weather

Snowy weather may cause a delay or closure.

Inclement Weather

Procedures for Closings or Delayed Openings:
In the event of significant snow falls or other severe weather situations, Senior Class Adult Day Services may cancel or delay services at the facility.  We do not want to risk accidents or injuries to our clients, caregivers or employees. We will make every attempt to remain open, however, sometimes the weather prevents us from doing so.  There may be times when the center is open but transportation is cancelled for safety reasons. 

If Senior Class should close on account of inclement weather, you will receive a call on your home and/or cell phone from a staff member in advance of the closure.  If you are concerned that you have not received a call, call the Center at (603) 329-4401 or the Executive Director, Linda Steir, on her cell (603) 490-4812.

In the event of mid-day storms or anticipated severe weather later in the day, we will request early pick up of clients. We are maintaining an emergency call list to notify caregivers of such early pick up and closing. We are using the phone numbers that you provided during the initial intake process. If any of your home, cell or work phone numbers have changed, please let us know immediately. If you wish to add additional emergency phone numbers for this purpose, please provide them to us and we will update our call list.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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